I created a python game with the book and my dad’s help!

Here is the link to the youtube video about the game

It took so many months to create this game and I am glad that I finally finished this!

There were many problems like flickering, unable to…

Hi, I am Ellie and I am doing water pH level experiment so I thought it would be nice if I shared the result.

What is pH?

For those of you who doesn’t know about pH level, pH level measures the acid level of the water.

Research Question

Will the pH level change depending on…

What is the positive impact of climate change strike and what is the negative impact of climate change strike?

Greta Thunberg and Climate Change Activists in the Strike

Climate change is becoming a huge problem. Greta Thunberg is leading teenagers all around the world and they are skipping the school every Friday to strike and aware about climate change. You might have seen the climate change strike or you might have heard about the climate change strike on…


8th grade student at an international school in Singapore.

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